The growing terror of Coronavirus has postponed the Cannes Film Festival

Image Credits – The Wrap

Given the horror that has occupied the hearts of every citizen all around the world due to the spread of the Coronavirus, The organizers of the Cannes Film Festival have decided to postpone their plan for May 2020.

The festival which was scheduled to occur on May 12-23 will no longer take place on the specified dates. But hopes are still positive as the plan has not been called off for the entire year as of now.

On a statement released by the organizers on Twitter, back on Thursday afternoon, they stated that due to the health crisis and the development of the French and international situation, the Festival de Cannes shall not take place on the scheduled dates.

The organizers have however not disclosed anything on whether the festival will get postponed for the year or the whole thing might just get scheduled for the next year. However, according to, the organizers have decided to wait till the end of June or early July to reveal the date on the festival’s official website.

Apart from all the fiasco going on worldwide, Spike Lee has been dedicated to being the jury president for this year’s festival.

The reason for the major change-up in the plan of the Cannes is due to the massive outbreak of the disease known as COVID-19.

The whole world has gone topsy-turvy after the disease has claimed several lives and the entertainment industry has as well fallen under its prey. One after the other, several events have been forced to call off as the world waits to overcome the huge loss by taking prescribed precautions especially by ensuring social distancing.

For those who are still taking the situation casually and are unaware of its fatal effect, the below-given information might help them to understand the gravity of the scenario.

According to the health officials, the persons residing in Canada are at lower risk for getting affected but the situation might not take much time to change. The caution has been regulated across all international travels. The returning travelers have been asked to keep themselves separated from the rest for a minimum of 14 days in case they show symptoms of the disease. This way they can prevent the virus to spread to other people.

The symptoms of this horrific disease include fever, cough, and difficulty to breathe which is quite similar to that of cold or flu. Moreover, some people have been known to develop serious illness.

The people who are exposed to maximum risk include the older adults and the people who are affected by severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung, or kidney disease. Any person who has developed the given symptoms must contact public health authorities immediately.

Experts have recommended the people to maintain basic hygiene that includes washing hands frequently and coughing into your sleeve this way they can prevent the virus from spreading. And, somehow if a person falls sick they must stay back at home.


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