Ed Sheeran Announces 18-Month Break from Music for Multiple Court Cases


Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran takes a break from music  projects and concerts. On Tuesday, standing before the crowd at Chantry Park in Ipswich, he stated that he is keeping himself away from music for 18-months.

This 28-years old young and energetic singer ended up with performing “You Need Me, I Don’t Need Me” in his 260th show at Chantry Park.

His decision is quite interesting at this point when the singer has received a massive response from millions of people. Approx 9 million people attended his “The ÷ Tour” that was announced to be the third world concert tour by Ed Sheeran. Moreover, he was glad to see his latest No.6 Collaborations Project giving a perfect hit in 14 countries.

Ed Sheeran confessed in front of the audiences that it’s something kind of “bittersweet about it” as he is finishing up it in Ipswich. The singer has further added that after this concert, he won’t be available for any kind of music projects for 18 months.

Previously, a case was filed against Ed for plagiarising the 1973 hit composition “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye that’s related to Sheeran’s track from 2014 “Thinking of You”. This famous singer has been accused of multiple times for plagiarising content.

However, the argument between Structured Asset Sales and Ed Sheeran is taking up a wider mode. This organization is about to take Ed to court for $100,000,000. The copyrights issue placed by this organization is not going to end so easily.

Also, Sam Chokri claims the track “Shape of You” to be plagiarised and giving Ed trouble over it. Sam accused Ed to lifting the chorus from the track “Oh Why” that was released in 2015. The High Court Of England has decided to hear about this case in 2020. Some of Ed’s neighbors showcased their anger stating one of Ed’s properties has been built over on a pond which this singer claims to offer “Supports wildlife preservations”. But the neighbors said this is a swimming pool maintained to support the “wild lifestyle” of the singer.

Ed’s promise to his audiences was that he will again be on the same track after a few years from now. But his decision doesn’t make sure whether this break is just for the court battles or he has taken the decision for his relaxation.


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