Bayleigh Dayton Of The Big Brother: All-Stars House Gets Evicted Unanimously

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After thirty-seven days, on Thursday night, Bayleigh Dayton became the fifth person to get voted out of the Big Brother: All-Stars house.

Reportedly the 27-year-old was evicted out by her fellow houseguests by a vote of nine to zero. And, despite the flood of votes against her and also a new controversy brewing around the all-stars, Dayton claimed to be at peace with the outcome, and told the ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, that she’s completely fine with it. The Big Brother star also said that she is happy to go back to her home, which is great and also to her amazing man and that she has won in real life.

In the lead-up to her eviction, emotions were flooding out and there was a heated exchange between Dayton and her closest ally, Da’Vonne, as they faced off against Head of Household, Christmas.

Dayton revealed that even those people who were in her alliance and come up to her and said that the way she handled herself was pretty well and that she will look the way she has portrayed herself as and that everyone has seen and heard it.

She further admitted that it is quite unfortunate that this is what has happened and that people were told that it was needed to calm down the situation and also that she was just saying everything because she just expected them to behave differently, but now she had dragged in judgments from the past.

Dayton further continued to say when everything has been said and done; all he can do is just being accountable for her actions and intentions.

Even when she and her untouchable were stuck together on the chopping block, they continued to bring the focus on the Bring Lives movement.

Dayton also admitted that the first time when she had played this game and Da’Vonne as well, they both shared the same feelings but just didn’t have the platform to speak about it.

She also said that this time when they shall go into the house with all these elevated emotions which everyone in the house is now aware of, they can just look at people and see what kind of decisions they can make, the actions that they take, and then compare it to their real life, so that it can be easily pointed out. This time she won’t be carried away with the microaggression and certainly going to educate others.

In the house, several houseguests were furious with the fact that their housemate Ian Terry, who’s on the autism spectrum, was being insulted.

Terry who had said that at times he rocks back and forth as a self-soothing technique was mocked by Memphis Garrett on the live feeds as Abbott, Dani Briones, and Nicole Franzel laughed at.

The recently evicted houseguests, Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha called out the incident on Twitter, and although Dayton wasn’t involved, people feel she should have spoken up.

Dayton shared that the pandemic situation and the social climate has added to his anxiety, while he sits in the house. Some people unfortunately are making fun of him, which she feels is terrible.


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