Multi-Genre Artist Yung Price aka 450 Price Needs Special Attention For ‘Can’t Quit’ on YouTube

The year 2019 has proved a great one for independent artists from all over the world who has been trying to make a mark in the music industry. The new Canadian artist named Yung Price is all set with his new release ‘Can’t Quit’ on YouTube. Montreal based Yung Price aka Yung Price is known for his versatile skills and mastery in alt-rock and R&B music genres. His eclectic voice score and his ability to compose lyrically loaded music pieces are what make him different from other newcomers. Some of the tracks for which Yung Price has received an overwhelming response from fans globally are ‘6 pm in Montreal’, ‘Day (Prod.YZ)’ and of course his latest new track that is all set to hook music enthusiasts in YouTube.

Vibrant artist Yung Price like always has chosen an unusual image in his YouTube video. The image features a devil that might signify something dark yet again the lyrics indicate things like someone is waiting for someone even if there is no hope. Whatever be the theme, Price’s quintessential voice score is just the right source of enlightenment you are looking for. Powered with catchy beats and some alt-rock elements, ‘Can’t Quit is an exemplary single that will influence you. This track clearly proves Price’s passion for music and composing. In a short time, he has teamed up with different producers and also looking for collaborations. If you want to know to collaborate with him or book him for live shows, email at [email protected]. Others subscribe to his YouTube channel at and stay tuned for his upcoming official releases.

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