2 Smart Tips on Purchasing a Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

Embarking on the new chapter of getting married is indeed the most exciting and beautiful feeling. Apart from choosing the perfect partner one most important thing that signifies the marriage institution is the wedding ring. After all, the ring you adorn implies that you are a part of the most intriguing relationship.  If your wedding bells are soon to ring and you have not yet picked up the masterpiece for your better, you are in the right place. Follow these tips for buying a diamond wedding ring to make a smart and successful purchase-

Knowing the 4C’s:

The first and the most important factor you must know before buying a diamond wedding ring is to know the 4C’s- Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. It is the global standard for considering the diamond quality. In brief, the 4 C’s are

Colour- D-to-Z color grading system rates a diamond’s lack of color. It is believed that diamonds with fewer colors are rarer.

Cut-Knowing the type of cut is necessary for it has the maximum influence on a diamond’s sparkle.

Clarity- it refers to the assessment of the small blemishes or imperfections in and on the surface of a diamond.

Carat- It determines the weight of the diamond and is often confused with the apparent size.

Super Ideal Cut Diamonds:

The open secret for choosing the best diamond ring is to pick up a super ideal cut diamond.  A diamond’s sheen is its most captivating part. And it is a diamond’s cut on which its lustre depends. In this respect diamonds with super ideal cuts is the best selection. Super ideal cuts allow is cut to the precision that allows it to dazzle the most.

Most importantly, knowing about diamonds is not enough until you get a reliable brand to buy one. Apart from offline diamond stores and boutiques, there are many world-class online brands that gained impetus, especially for their diamond jewelry line.  Amongst many trending brands, Singapore based Fonder Diamond is one glorious online venue that has won the hearts of its customer globally for their affordable and bespoke diamond wedding rings handcrafted to perfection. For purchases visit https://www.fonderdiamond.sg/


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