Kevin Spacey Gets Sued By Broadway Actor Anthony Rap And Another Man On Sexual Assault Allegations



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American actor Kevin Spacey is back with two new sexual assault cases as Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp and another anonymous man filed a lawsuit against him on Wednesday accusing him of sexually violating them in the 1980s. He was only 14years old at the time of the assault, Rapp has claimed.

Spacey was also accused of molesting the 18-year-old son of former Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh at a Nantucket bar in 2016 but the charges were dropped only last year.

As per the NY Times, after the now 48 years old actor Rapp alleged Spacey, now 61 of inappropriate sexual advances three years ago, many others came forward in 2017 with their stories against Spacey. This resulted in the two-time Oscar-winner actor to leave the showbiz and even take an exit from the popular American TV drama series House of Cards as the leading character Frank Underwood.

The lawsuit was filed in the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan on Wednesday. Rap has accused Spacey of ‘unwanted sexual advances’ when he grabbed his backside at a party. The lawsuit states that after Rapp, then an underage boy met Spacey at an acting class in Westchester County in 1986, he was invited to Spacey’s Manhattan apartment where the veteran actor ‘engaged in sexual acts’ with him on multiple occasions. He said that despite resisting and saying ‘no’, Spacey assaulted him, a teenager.

Rapp revealed that he was too traumatized and hid in the bathroom and fled the apartment later.

The other unnamed man came forward saying he was introduced to the American Beauty actor in the same acting class in 1981 and was also invited to Spacey’s apartment. He claims he was only 12 at that time and Spacey assaulted him ignoring his ‘verbal and physical resistance’, according to the Firstpost.

These encounters allegedly caused psychological damage to both of them and they are suing Spacey for it.

In the police report, Unruh’s son accused spacey of reaching down his pants and touching his genitals at the Nantucket bar, where he worked as a busboy, while he was texting and Snapchatting. Spacey however denied the allegation saying many believed the story and were waiting for him to confess but nothing is that simple, ‘not in politics and not in life.’, reports People.

According to the same police report, the young man was texting Australian actor Guy Pierce, who had also accused spacey of ‘inappropriate conduct’ on the set of the film L.A. Confidential in 1997, in an interview at an Australian Talk Show in 2018. Guy claimed that Spacey had groped him on the set. So far more than 30 men have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey.


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