The Intensifying and Energizing Track ‘She a Freak’ by RichPutt is Capturing the Current Headlines


Taking his real-life experiences and incorporating them into his tracks is something that RichPutt is popularly known for. It wasn’t until much later that artist took music to be his profession. However, RichPutt started rapping from high school as he is recently known in the music industry for his transitional tracks and the fusion of elements he brings forward the audience in the form of She a Freak. The track has some of the traditional elements of hip-hop and is an absolute treat for hip-hop lovers. Till now the artist had launched a total of 3 tracks each of which is quite unique in the structure of its composition. But it can be said without a doubt that ‘She a Freak’ is his best composition yet.

Coming to the compositional structure of the track ‘She a Freak’ has got beats and bass incorporated at regular intervals making the track an absolute pleasure to listen to. The hard-hitting lyrics and the heavy punch lines shoes that the Charlotte rapper RichPutt is in no mood to play games and is deadly serious about his music. ‘She a Freak’ had been the aim of the artist after a certain chain of events that took place in his life. The artist brings an intriguing style; that is hard to ignore for the audience. It can be said without a doubt that RichPutt is truly making a positive impact on the music industry.

The vocal of the artist RichPutt is incredible throughout the composition making it a must listen for every hip-hop lover out there. The ambience of the composition is crafted beautifully keeping the backdrop of the track in mind. The multiple layers incorporated in ‘She a Freak’ by the artist make it incredibly intriguing for the audience to enjoy. You can now follow this enigmatic star through his social media profiles on Instagram and Youtube.  

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