Multi-Versatile Pop Diva Szandra Mayer is Back with another Hot ‘I LOVE YOU_ FINAL MASTER

The Chartbuster Pop track ‘Paradise’- famed young and vibrant diva Szandra Mayer is back with another pop single ‘I LOVE YOU- FINAL MASTER’ on SoundCloud.  It’s not the over-confidence or the grand success of her global single but the love and dedication she has for the art form that she is back in her heels to revolve around the world of music lovers. Szandra’s personality and her beautiful stage presence is just something you will not be able to find in 12 years of a teenage girl. She is graceful and blessed with a melodious voice texture that increases the credibility of each of her masterpieces. This time fans will witness something more magical and gratifying, after all, it is about ‘Love’ that she dealt with it has in her own style in ‘I LOVE YOU- FINAL MASTER’ available for streaming on SoundCloud.

Hailing from a tri-cultural background, Szandra Mayer has been fortunate enough to have witnessed the best of the cities she has worked in Europe and the US. Her fame in Europe followed her after she released ‘Paradise’. However, when it comes to her homeland USA, Szandra is all set to spread her vibes across the country.  This Florida pop music artist is literally making it to the top charts and the time is not very far that fans will celebrate Szandra’s success in the mainstream industry.

The new single ‘I LOVE YOU- FINAL MASTER is a perfect ‘feel good’ track with amazing music score and lyrics. The satisfying chord, the lovely arrangement, the warmth, and every little detail in the single are just perfect. Szandra’s heart-melting voice and the sensual whispers it what will keep all the listeners hooked to her SoundCloud music gallery. Follow Szandra Mayer on Instagram at Know more about this sensational star and her projects by visiting her official website at


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