Global Hip-hop’s Eccentricity through Melodic Excellence in RichPutt’s ‘She a Freak’ is Exemplary


Hip-hop conveys the integrity of its own that has conceptualized many new styles of musical diversity in its rhythmic insertions and lyrical flow. Carrying forward this lineage of global hip-hop music and its significance in the backdrop of current socio-cultural changes is upcoming artist RichPutt. His incredible soundscape of melodic and lyrical assortment comes together in a dynamic culmination of songs that describe the genre’s presence in all its glory. His newly released single ‘She A Freak’ brims with structured intensity in both its lyrical construction and rhythmic linearity that has made the song an important element in the collective growth of hip-hop as a genre. ‘She A Freak’ is not just a tremendous creative venture but also imbibes the thematic poetry in its subject-matter.

Charlotte rapper RichPutt’s saga with rapping started back in high-school, a flair that eventually emerged through his creative choices and led the path to fabricate a career out of scratch. As an independent artist, his objectives of extracting the best formulas of musical excellence in his style makes for a motivational foundation for all those artists looking to make a mark. His other songs including ‘Choppas’, and ‘Fuk 12’ all have the captivating intricacies of forming musical history. He considers his gradual rise as one of the most promising artists in the spectrum as a true blessing of audience acceptance, something that is going to keep him grounded and loyal to his work in the days to come.

She A Freak’ depicts a relatable saga of loss and disappointment in people that we love. However, the result of such a harrowing experience created RichPutt’s musical formats into a success. As he continues to create more verses of the reflection of his mind, his global recognition is on the verge to get its breakthrough. Follow RichPutt’s work on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to experience his magnetic aura and musical wisdom.

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