Gwen Stefani Gushes Over Kanye West’s Sunday Service Version Of The Hit Song Don’t Speak


The 49-year-old singer Gwen Stefani was stunned by the remake of her group No Doubt’s famous song ‘Don’t Speak’. The remake was done by Kanye West in his Sunday Service performance.

She posted a video of the performance on her social media account with a message that this incredible version of her song filled her heart with emotions and she was in shock after hearing her song being turned into a worship song by Kanye in his Sunday Service. She also thanked Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian and asked her to send the full version of the song. It is still unclear whether she attended the program or someone had sent the video to her.

Later on, Kim Kardashian posted this heartfelt message on her Twitter account, as Gwen Stefani gushes over Kanye West’s version.

Kanye West’s Sunday Services have become a famous event now. It is necessary for all the attendees to sign the NDA agreement, which is quite impressive as so many videos of the event end up on social media.

The singer’s wife herself has posted so many videos of the church service online, including some of her daughter’s who is a part of the choir.

Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Donald Glover, Orlando Bloom, Lizzo and many others have attended Kanye’s Sunday Service.

Gwen Stefani cannot stop praising West’s Sunday Service choir’s remake of the hit song of No Doubt, which is still very popular.


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