Kylie Jenner Celebrating Father’s Day By Sharing Photos Of Stormi And Praised Travis Scott



On this special day of Father’s Day, Kylie Jenner has shared some lovely messages on her Instagram account. Kylie Jenner Praises Travis Scott for the way he loves his daughter Stormi Webster. According to the report of, She has almost 138 million followers in page for which it went viral and that dragged around 7.8 million likes.

Both black and white photos were uploaded which gave an artistic feel. In the very first picture, Travis is stood by the window that overlooks a vast meadow while cuddling against the chest. This picture was of the time when Stormi born.

However, coming to the second picture you will notice that Stormi is one year old and standing with support. At every step, her mom and dad have been her constant support. Kylie has shared Stormi’s video where she is speaking. She also stated that her father has always been with her at all the important moments that she spends till now in her life.

However, Travis also shared a post on his Instagram account with some pictures and touchy lines. He said the day when he became the father he was very much excited to spend every moment of his life with her.

If you go through the pictures in the first one you will find both father and daughter lying down on the floor and Stormi is surrounded with various toys from Sesame Street. Her toys include Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Bert. In this picture, you will find Stormi is resting her head on Bert which proves that both of them were playing for a longer time.

In the second photo, you will find Stormi’s full face staring at the camera and Travis is holding her. Coming to the third picture you will find Stormi riding on a pony. This pictured received his comments and praise. It went viral and got almost 2.7 million views.

Wasn’t the message and photos shared by Kylie on this Father’s Day are sweet? Go and check the pictures of this little angle Stormi Webster.


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