Harmonix’s Beat Blasting Shooter ‘Audica’ Coming To Play Station VR


The long wait for Audica entering the world of Play station VR is finally over as the release date is set for this fall. Fans will now get to dive in and blast away at notes with full EDM and pop-focused soundtracks.

At launch, Audica will include the perfect combination of rhythmic timing and aim as the player conquers the leader board and achieves mastery of the digital battlefield. It features some of the hottest artists to enhance the game play experience.

The rhythm shooter is making waves in the world of Play station VR and will come with four stunning arenas. The player will get a variety of blaster to choose from. Audica is a game of precision and the player can customize their personal game play experience. It also has a campaign that will guide through the 30 songs soundtrack. As the game progresses to help conquer the local target maps, the music will move along to guide into a trance-like state.

The interstellar beats surround the game and make the player feel completely engrossed in the game. The practice mode of the game allows accumulating the required skill to blast the objects in time and claim the spot n leader board.

The world of Audica is a quick background to the action within. The four arenas provide a fully immersive and musically reactive environment that gives an insight into the world the player has entered.

The Harmonix style of the world-class soundtracks blends in music from the charts and also has few songs crafted specifically for the game. The titles include a song from Dragon Force Jeft Allen. The master combination of music is carefully cultivated by Knower and M-Eve. The developers are eagerly waiting for the reviews as more PSVR titles are trafficking the play station community.

For early access, check out Steam and the game has been lined for the Plays station this fall. Price on Stream is $19.99 and fans can expect a similar price for the PSVR version.


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