Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Show Their Love For The Newly Adopted Furry Baby ‘Panda’ On Instagram



Image Credit – Zee News


Celebrities inspire their followers in many ways; just like the couple-goals setters, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, prove that adoption is beautiful! The ravishing Indian actress and American singer Nick Jonas welcome a new member of the family, an adopted dog that they named Panda.

It is time to celebrate a good time with the new member making the Jonas family bigger with button eyes and cute fur. They are so in love with the new dog around them.

Priyanka and Nick took some eye-grabbing, adorable pictures with the furry family and the new addition to it making it bigger and brighter, Panda. They shared the irresistibly sweet snaps on Instagram to let the world see how they are glowing in so much amid the unreserved love.

The 38-year-old Hollywood actress and Nick, 27 years old, posted the pictures of the dainty adopted dog from the house in Los Angeles. They could not wait to introduce the new friend and family through Instagram. They are so in love with the puppy that they both separately posted the pictures for their massive followers to send Panda more love and blessings.

The “Quantico” superstar was wearing a red floral full-sleeve top and petting the other big and small furry members of her family while framing a cute picture of togetherness with her husband Nick Jonas and Panda. There was a bunch of inescapable stares of the adorable little-pawed family they have which now just got bigger.

She captioned the pictures with “Our new family portrait! Welcome to the family, Panda.” This description wasn’t enough until she added, “We adopted this little rescue (soon he won’t be so little) just a few weeks ago. We can’t be sure but he seems to be a Husky Australian Shepard mix…. and those eyes… and the ears!!!.”

Nick separately made an Instagram story about the new adoption with the same set of pictures. He put a more concise caption for the post saying, “Welcome to the family Panda! Panda is a Husky Australian Shepard mix rescue and we’re already in love.”

Panda was rescued from a dog NGO called Hollywood Huskies and became the inseparable companions of older pups Gino and Diana.

Priyanka also mentioned that Diana was not present while they were taking a new family picture, so she had to edit a bit. She said, “BTW (Diana) wasn’t around for our little photoshoot, but we couldn’t leave our #1 girl out…so…we made it work!”

Panda now has an official Instagram page to make your days brighter.


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