This year Edinburgh’s festivals will no longer be held as big as it used to be

Image Credits – The Guardian

Usually, around this time of the year, the world would have been staggered by the dazzle of the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe would be managing the mess of telephone directory-sized schedule for the 50,000-plus performances that were planned to be performed at the biggest stage in the city this summer, but 2020 does not seem to be a usual time to celebrate the season of art.

Everyone is having a hard time this year due to the infectious Coronavirus pandemic. So both the biggest festivals around this time have consulted with the Scottish government, City of Edinburgh Council, venues, partners and stakeholders to speak about its required measurements for the impending launch in summer 2020. There is a big question on the head of the organizers whether to go ahead with the scheduled program amidst the crisis.

There are lots of avant-garde festivals like the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo are about to take place this week. The authority has decided to scale back the events in their numbers and sizes instead of calling it off completely. They are looking forward to a chaos free transmission of the continuous flow of art with digital performances from the international participants of the Edinburgh International Festival. Local organizations are working to back it up with stage work at short notice. It is announced that the Edinburgh Military Tattoo will not be left out of the festival.

This festival is a collation of nostalgia and phenomenon as the original Edinburgh International Festival was first staged in 1947, during the start of World War Two. The locals donated their coal to supply for the flame that lit continuously at night at Edinburgh Castle. The situation is tough like it was at the time of World War Two where the common fellows are devasted. They need to show the same spirit at this time.

It is an open-access festival that is standing in its way to cancel the Fringe or the international festival. If the authority decides that getting staged is safe, then some performers can light up the show by taking the stage on fire.

So there will be a celebration but in a less massive manner and lesser involvement due to the strange time the whole world is coping up with.


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