Uber extends help by launching a special service UberMedic exclusively for the healthcare workers

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Amidst Corona terror, giant ride service provider Uber launches a special service for the healthcare workers called the UberMedic. The professionals who have been working day in and out during the tough times can now book a cab from their doorstep to the healthcare centers by simply using the UberMedic service recently launched by Uber.

India’s complete lockdown for a period of 21 days left all the app-based cabs like Ola and Uber to take off their services in India. This particular step has largely impacted the .life of those professionals who are involved in essential services and need to commute to their respective workplaces. And amongst the most essential services, the most significant ones are being provided by the doctors and other medical professionals.

Now by keeping the whole scenario in Mind, Uber has come up with an exclusive service for these officials named UberMedic. As per the news being revealed that the company has appointed only top-rated drivers and dedicated cars for providing the UberMedic services. Moreover, all the drivers who have been selectively chosen for the job have been made well aware of the COVID-19 safety measures and protocols.

Additionally, Uber has collaborated with some hospitals for their UberMedic services and the company has decided to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to their drivers which comprise accessories like hand sanitizers, face masks, safety gloves, and disinfectant sprays.

On a recent blog post by them, Uber has stated that it will facilitate all top-rated drivers and dedicated drivers to the hospitals by utilizing their platform. They will certainly take into account the safety of the drivers involved and by following all the government advisory they will work with their partner hospitals to provide the drivers with all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that would include hand sanitizers, gloves, disinfectant sprays, and face masks.

According to globalnews.com, President of Uber, Mr. Pradeep Parameswaran recently made a statement stating that Uber is working closely with a chain of hospitals and also leveraging their global experience and technology.

UberMedic will let hospitals to smoothly and reliably arrange transportation for all the doctors and other healthcare workers involved to have an easy commute from their homes to their health care facilities. On a further note, the president said that this initiative has been particularly taken as a way to thank all the frontline medical workers who are trying their best to keep everyone in the country safe.

Now the question arises on how the medical professionals can avail of this service.

To avail, this particular service, the hospitals, and other healthcare institutions have to make a call to UberMedic on 08046852190 between 8 am and 8 pm, if they wish to avail the services for their doctors and other nursing staffs. Furthermore, the UberMedic services can also be accessed at [email protected].

Ola, which is a similar cab service provider, and also a competitor to Uber in India, has also allocated 500 cabs to the Karnataka government for every COVID-19 related activities.

C N Ashwathnarayan, who is the Deputy CM of the state took to his Twitter handle to announce the collaboration with Ola and wrote that Olacabs has agreed to give 500 OLA vehicles for all #COVID-19 related activities in Kerala. He also added that all the vehicles will be sued by the government for commute purposes by the doctors and other COVID-19 related activities. The CM heartily appreciated the move by @olacabs and also its CEO @bhash! (sic).

For those who are unaware of the facts, both Ola and Uber have suspended their cab services all over India for the transportation of the general public till April 14 due to the 21-days lockdown being announced by the honorable PM.


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