Coronavirus is declared to be a pandemic by WHO, 1000 of new cases are reported in the US and Italy

Image Credits -The Wall Street Journal

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says that the scenario of Corona outbreak is going to get worse, already affecting 1000 people across 40 states of America. He warns that the viral infection of COVID-19 may not be restrained from growing in the states of the USA and the whole world due to inappropriate containment measures as contact tracing has been a massive failure to stop spreading the virus.

When Carolyn Maloney, chairwoman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform asked Fauci if the worst is yet to come, he implicitly said that the scene might get worse.

Though all the major precautions and measurements are taken to stop Corona from spreading, he mentions that more new cases of Corona positive patients are coming up in America. This viral infection is rapidly increasing through community spread as well as international travel.

Fauci states that the more new cases emerge, the more the world should be prepared for the worst of this pandemic. It can get way worse than it is right now. The only two ways that can prevent the spread is to halt the influx of infected people from other countries into the nation and taking all measurements to stop and mitigate corona affected civilians completely keeping them in isolation for proper treatment. Even keeping ears to the ground won’t help it to get better. The bottom line is, the pandemic is getting out of the hand. Any potential vaccine for this novel and dreadful virus will take years to be prepared.

Health officials are working with eyes peeled to bolster coronavirus testing in the United States. It will help the authority to know the exact number of infected people in America.

The local and state health officials are worried and taking steps to mitigate the spread to its minimum by putting a ban on public gatherings, closing schools and academies and spreading awareness to make lesser contact with people. This will slow down the rate of spread gradually. The U.S. public health system has support for testing up to 75,000 people. Washington State, New York, and California remain the hard-hit areas where the number of infected people is daily rising; presently there are 273, 176 and 157 cases reported with a positive result. The virus has killed at least 31 people in the past few days.


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