Sachin Tendulkar Feels That The Batting Line-Up Of The Aussies Is Not Settled And Praised Indian Bowling

Image Credit – Times Of India


The legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar has played against some of the best Australian team of his time but he has a got a different view of the current batting line up. According to him, they are less settled and many of them playing to cement their spots in the team.

Following the incredible turnaround by India in MCG in the second test after the debacle in Adelaide, Tendulkar spoke with news outlets about the batsmanship of the Australians, the captaincy by Ajinkya Rahane, and the brilliant performances by Shubman Gill and Mohammed Siraj in their maiden test match.

According to him, the earlier batting line ups of the Aussies were more settled and the bat5sman had a better intent than some of the batsman from the current lot. In the first three complete batting inning by the Aussies in the first two test matches, they were bundles out for scores of 191,195 and 200 by the Indian bowlers. This was quite an impossible task when the likes of Waugh brothers, Marl Taylor and Allan Border played. Or, during the times Michael Clarke, Adam Gilchrist, Damien Martyn, Matthew Hayden, and Ricky Ponting played.

Tendulkar also added that in the current team, certain Aussie players are out of form and are not sure about their spots in the team. The earlier batting legends were very much sure about their batting slots and there was a great amount of surety.

One of the major highlights of the test match series is the duel between Steve Smith and Ravichandran Ashwin. An upper hand is enjoyed by the senior off-spinner up till now.

Smith got out to an arm ball in the first match of the series. The ball was a straighter that was released differently by Ashwin. When a straighter is bowled by an off-spinner that skids on the surface and the fingers are not kept at the top of the ball.

Ashwin managed the ball to get a bounce and turn and in the second test the fingers were on the top of the ball but it was not a slider and produced a lot of turn and bounce.

A normal flick was played by Steve Smith to a regulation off-spinner and the batsman played on instinct as a fielder was placed brilliantly for him.

The ball was very well-planned by Ashwin as both the class players will have an edge over the other on a better day. In the first two tests, Ashwin came out with flying colors.

Tendulkar praised the captaincy of Rahane as well as his hundred that changed the complexion of the match as batting was very difficult in overcast conditions. The brilliant team performance is commendable and the team was led brilliantly by Ajinkya Rahane. Also, the contribution of senior cricketers is amazing. But after all this, Tendulkar refrained from comparing the style of captaincy between Rahane and Virat Kohli.


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