The Scorching Heat Is Back In Kolkata Less Than Just 24 Hours after Cyclone Fani

Image Credits – City Live

After the cyclone, Fani has passed away the scorching heat of the sun is back in Kolkata on Sunday. As the Cyclones have sucked out the moisture from the regions so it will take time for the formation of the moisture. As a result of this, there is less chance of thunderstorms now.

At least till Thursday, there is no respite from this heat as the mercury has already started rising. According to the Regional Meteorological center, the mercury has dropped down sharply to 30.2°C on Friday. Now the temperature has again risen up to 35.7°C. Even the maximum relative humidity was as high as 93%.

RMC director GK DAS said that Fani has sucked the moisture from the region completely. It has pulled out the moisture completely and also gathered energy as well as strength. The wind has even changed its pattern. It will take time for the moisture to be generated again. There is no immediate possibility of moisture which is being revived has the high-pressure zone above the Bay of Bengal. The amount of moisture for the thunderstorm in April has been wiped out completely by the cyclone.

A weather scientist said that in 2009, Cyclone Aila has also sucked all the moisture which left Kolkata and South of Bengal dry as well as warm.  This delayed the onset of the monsoon.

As Fani has struck more than a month before there is a huge chance that monsoon and the chances of rain will delay. RMC director GK DAS has informed that it will remain dry and there are still four weeks left it is expected that the moisture will be revived by then. Despite the intense heat, the clouds may not form due to lack of moisture.

The scorching wind is blowing into the Gangetic Bengal and the northwest, as well as central India, is extremely warm. Above the Bay of Bengal, a high-pressure Zone has been supplying as well as generating thunderstorms in this season. Since late-February almost Kolkata has been struck by more than 15 thunderstorms.

Weathermen said that over a dozen of thunderstorms in 2018 have lashed Kolkata. They are more frequent years with the beginning of twin squall on February 27. The city was also lashed by twin storms on March 15 and April 5th.  Since 2018 Kolkata is receiving frequent thunderstorms in the pre-monsoon.


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