The Carefree Swagger of Vision Marine Goes in an Appealing Way in his Recent Track ‘Aphrodite’

Vision Marine

Bringing rhythmic dancing tunes isn’t possible for every artist out there in the industry but when it comes to the talented hip-hop rapper Vision Marine this had never been an issue. The artist who is known for his versatile creation all over the music industry has been blessed with the gifted ability to capture people’s hearts with his alluring creations. This Minneapolis music artist wants to share his talent with the world and had been doing so with his compositions since he first stepped in the music industry. The latest track released by Vision Marine titled as ‘Aphrodite’ has been a massive hit worldwide.

Coming to the compositional structure of the track Aphrodite it can easily be described as one of the best dancing tracks out there. The multilayered track is followed by the intense vocals of the artist which plays a major role in adding the wow factor to the track. As the soundscape of the track is intense along with the lyricism incorporated by the artist Vision Marine, the backdrop is kept mild allowing the audience to settle down from the intensity produced at the first half. Since the artist has knowledge on multiple genres it is easier for him to multiple elements, elevating the composition of the track in the process.

As an artist, Vision Marine is one of his kinds in the industry and his tracks stand as a testament to his talent. His number of followers in his social media account seems it be increasing every day which shows the evolvement of the artist as a musician. When it comes to his latest composition ‘Aphrodite’ it can be described as Vision Marine’s showcase of creative skills.  Subtle elements of all the genres such as hip-hop, trip-hop, RnB and soul can be found in this track. Connect with him through Instagram.

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