Voice in Damagio N Da Tomahawks’s Music Video ‘Superthug – Watch Me’ is Melodious

In the world of hip-hop and rap music, one of the promising artists is Damagio N Da Tomahawks. His tracks are filled with the touches of classic and modern hip-hop beats. The way he composed each element in the music video Superthug – Watch Meit creates a great impact on the mind of the listeners. The flow of rap music and the verses keeps on lingering in the mind of the audience. The way he combined the music and video it leaves a great impact on the audience. The music video has some attractive words which continue to linger in the mind of the listeners after listening to it once.  There is continuous movement of the track that creates a refreshing impact. The words perfectly match the performance in the video. The lyrical word in the track is perfect. You can enjoy watching the music video by tuning to the video streaming site YouTube.

Damagio N Da TomahawksThe music in eminent rap star Damagio N Da Tomahawks’s music video ‘Superthug – Watch Me’ loops out and surrounds the listeners in a beautiful way. Everything is the track is so well assembled that it never makes the audience feel bored or monotonous. The musical journey in his music videos leaves the audience awestruck. Further, there are certain lines that mainly drag the audience attention and hit the heart directly.  The words that he used in the track are something to which you can relate. His music video is well structured and has the perfect balance of all the elements of hip-hop and rap music.

The tone that he used in Damagio N Da Tomahawks’s music video ‘Superthug – Watch Me’ is seductive as well as soulful. At every step, the level of intensity and energy keeps on rising which drives the audience crazy. The vocal work is stunning and the finishing of it is colorful. The rap voice and the music together complement each other well. For its outstanding qualities, this music video stands out among all. Every time you watch this music video it will make you feel that you are watching it for the first time. The music in the track fills each space and the soundscape shines brightly. For more updates about his upcoming music and events, you need to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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