Billionaire At 21 Kylie Jenner And Her Business Empire Climbs To Incredible Success


Kylie Jenner marked a milestone by becoming the youngest-ever self-made billionaire who has already pulled up a profitable make-up industry worth $900 million. But looks like things have just started for this young diva.

Upon her massive success with Kylie cosmetics, Kylie wishes to expand her business to Kylie Nails and Kylie Hair Brands as well. She’s taking out a big variety of trademarks so that she’ll have options to choose from.

According to reports, she has been steadily applying for liquor, alcohol cocktail mixes, wine, prepared wine cocktails, energy sports drinks, beers, smoothies, etc further adding her mark to restaurant, cocktail lounges and bars.

The billionaire feels the world to be at her feet at the moment and wants to utilize every bit of the opportunity. Kylie Jenner and her Business Empire will hit a new level of success with her plans and there’s no stopping for this ambitious businesswoman.


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