Trio Biffy Clyro is Working on the ‘Sister Record’ to ‘A Celebration of Endings’

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The Scottish trio is already in the works for their upcoming album which is a follow-up to their 2020 record, A Celebration of Endings. They are calling it a sister record as of now.

The trio comprises Simon Neil and twins Ben and James Johnston who took to Twitter to post a teaser along with a picture from the studio.

They have revealed that as of now, the album is being called ‘RMV’ although fans still do not know what the abbreviation stands for.

Previously, they hinted upon a sister record but it was called, ‘A Commemoration Of Commiserations’.

Frontman Simon Neil previously told NME, “We’ve got 15 songs that didn’t make the album that we’re going to record as soon as possible. The plus side of not touring is that we can go straight in and make music,”

He added, “Some of them are like right electronic. There are a few that just BIG. We’ve got this song called ‘Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep’, that’s just one of those rhythms you can listen to all night and makes me feel so good. There will be a different aim to that record from ‘A Celebration Of Endings’. I want it to be a bit more sprawling and a little bit less, song-y.”

The post said, “aCoE sister record, RMV, is taking shape… #gettingserious.”

Previously, the frontman revealed that their 2020 album symbolized the end of some long-standing relationships that they have had while reflecting on the subject of Brexit.

In an interview with Classic Rock magazine last year, Neil told, “It was about trying to make the most of a bad situation, and then also trying to come to terms with s*** like Brexit and being led by a buffoon, someone who I wouldn’t let look after my house for the weekend.”

He also added, “Now it feels like every word of the record has just grown in stature. There’s no way that we can engage with the world in the same way that we have before we had this pandemic.”

He continued, “I’ve always been about focusing on the celebration part of the title. We are raised to think that if something hits the end, then something bad has happened. But actually, it’s a moment to start again. That’s what the whole world is going to have to do. We are all ending something and beginning again.”

A Celebration of Endings was the band’s eighth studio album and comprised of several hits such as Space, Tiny Indoor Fireworks, North of No South, and Instant History.

They arranged for the small-scale ‘Fingers Crossed’ Tour. However, owing to the pandemic and the volatile situation around the world, the tour which was set to take place in April has now been rescheduled for October 2021.

Other changes include their huge homecoming show at Bellahouston Park on 25 June will now take place at Glasgow Green on 9 September 2021.


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