Five Years Later, Indie Game ‘This War Of Mine’ Generates Havoc Revenue


Indie Survival Game ‘This War of Mine’ has sold 700000 copies in its year of release, which s just the beginning of its success. The game was released for Windows PC and Mac OSX in November 2014 and since then it has incurred a huge profit for its development studio 11Bit.

‘This War of Mine’ expanded with time to keep sales at a steady rate and has generated more revenue I the starting of 2019 than it has in the first quarter of 2018 which goes ahead to take a huge leap of faith on titles by Indie developers. The excellent performance of the game has inspired game companies to step their foot into more experimentation.

‘This War of Mine’ is about a group of civilians struggling in a blocked city during a devastating civil war. The player operates a bunch of other players who gather supplies, tools, and survival equipment until there’s a ceasefire. The4 release of this game was followed with another stream-punk inspired game Frostpunk which also achieved similar financial success and was like adding another retail layer to the franchise.

‘This War of Mine’s’ market lifespan shows that the potential of Indie games is humongous and the developers will try and create more exclusive varieties for their gamers to choose from.


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