Return Of Shiny Suicune On Pokemon Go, Exclusively On August 17



With the successful completion of the Global Challenge, a special Suicune Raid Day has been unlocked. This will also be the first opportunity for the players to catch a shiny Suicune exclusively for the day.

Suicune hasn’t appeared in Pokemon Go very often which makes the Raid Day a great opportunity to add of them to your collection. Additionally, you’ll earn triple the normal amount of Stardust for each Pokemon you catch and for each Pokemon egg, you hatch. But there’s more to this event, participating in the Raid Battles will reward 3000 stardust and star pieces will last for one hour instead of 30minutes.

As a final reward, Suicune will be returning for Raid Day on Pokemon Go, on august 17 between 4-7pm local time. During that frame, the Legendary Pokemon will appear in a shiny form for a brief period.

The Raid hours will also see Rayquaza appearing in between and will continue to show up until September 2. You’ll have your first chance to catch a shiny Rayquaza until then.

Pokemon Go’s next Community Day is set for September 15. The featured Pokemon will be Turtwig, the grass starter from Diamond and Pearl. A shiny Turtwig will be seen spawning in the wild more often than normal.

The free Community Day is super popular amongst fans and in small towns, many payers gather and pay together for a chance to share in a communal passion. It’s a real treat for kids, teens, adults and people who go on walks. Enjoy the game on both iOS and Android devices.


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