The Upcoming Shooter Video Game Borderlands 3 Has Reportedly Roped in Musician Ice-T as the Voice of Balex, an AI-Driven Teddy Bear



If you are a gaming fanatic already jotting down your upcoming 2019 line-up of new releases, Borderlands 3 is perhaps the most anticipated of them all. The fourth installment of one of the most successful and thematically rich game franchise, Borderlands 3 will surely retain his hold. The game’s developer Gearbox Software has utilized their technical and designing flairs to give the game a unique taste of its own through an animated graphics and an utterly addictive loot-shoot storyline.

The previous games of Borderlands always came with a surprising bend. The same can be expected from Borderlands 3. To make things more exciting, they recently confirmed the appearance of actor/rapper Ice-T in the game. His legacy encompasses huge success both as a musician and as an actor with his portrayal in law and Order: SVU being the most remembered one.

It was a surprise for everyone considering Gearbox Software roped in a celebrity of such huge stature. The upcoming Borderlands 3 – will be an AI teddy bear  that follows the course of the game’s storyline. Reportedly, Ice-T will lend his iconic voice for the character of Balex, an artificial intelligence tricked into the body of a teddy bear. As per the storyline, Balex started his journey as an AI traveling in a spacecraft. But when it crashed, Balex was tricked into the body of a teddy bear. The subtle and soft appearance of this bear in the backdrop of Ice-T’s experienced persona is an ideal match.

It is already incredible to think that one of the most popular games will be hosting Ice-T in its cast and utilizing his iconic voice modulations. This time, Gearbox Software has gone out of its way to bring something completely unprecedented for their fans in their upcoming action-adventure role-playing game. From what is already known, Borderlands 3 will probably be hailed as their biggest installments in the entire course of the series.

Apart from the massive news of Ice-T associated with the game, other amazing surprises like vault hunters will be featured too. They all have their own set of functional abilities and skills. The environmental design of the game is also pretty impressive. The spectrum of these games always considers Wasteland as an integral geographic location and this time, the concepts and secrets seem to be more unrestricted than ever before.

Alongside the vault hunter’s campaign, various characters with their eccentricities will cross your path. With Ice-T boosting the value and presentation of the game, one thing that we can be sure of is that the developers are gearing up to give to the fans an experience of a lifetime.

One of the major positives of the entire Borderlands series is that the virtual interaction between the player and its characters. The storyline and writing have the right elements to captivate audience attention with a comic angle. It is good to see that they are changing the overall flavor from just a kill game to an actual entertaining experience. Say for example Tiny Tina and her scope of humor leaving gamers in splits.

Fans can only imagine and anticipate how cool the whole game is turning out to be with Ice-T leading the pack with his vigor, voice, and personality. The franchise has always received big acclaims and now that Ice-T is here, the collaboration is all the more exciting. Now, let us all wait with bated breath till the game’s release date.


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