Wargroove Game Finally Gets A Physical ‘Deluxe Edition’ On Nintendo Switch And Play Station 4



After a long wait, finally, the dream of the fans comes true, as Wargroove, at last, gets a physical copy. This strategy-based game was released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Play Station 4 on 1st of February, this year. The game received loads of appreciations; many praised its challenging gameplay, its retro style, map creation mode, and the inventive setup. The news that Wargroove Game gets a physical Copy has doubled the excitement of the fans.

It was initially termed as a ‘medieval Advance Wars’, with which it had a lot of similarities. But it can hold up everything on its own. And, the way Chucklefish interacts with its fan base quite frequently and especially the map design contest that was held earlier this year, score extra points for them. The frequent contests and appearance of different communities to share strategies, maps, and game plans, have helped the growth of the fan base.

Before this announcement, Wargroove was only available in the digital platform; though a physical edition was hinted, there was no confirmation. Those days are gone, and now not only the physical release is confirmed, but we are also being gifted with extra treats.

There is no confirmed release date, but the speculations are that it will get released at the end of this year. The prices for Nintendo Switch as mentioned are £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99, and for PS4 the prices are £19.99 / $29.99 / €29.99.

This is the first-ever physical release of Chucklefish game, which is quite rare for an indie developer, particularly within the same year. We may see more of this in the future, not only from Chucklefish but also from other game studios.

Chucklefish have always been in touch with their fans, and their great approach towards the fan base has earned them great favor and brought more people into the fan group. Their swiftness with patches and updates makes sure that Wargroove will not circle the drain in the coming future.

At this moment the Deluxe Edition of Wargroove is only available for Nintendo Switch and Play Station 4. More info about the game will be released very soon.


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