North Korea Troops Killed South Korean Official After Crossing The Border



Image Credit – CNN


South Korea’s defense ministry stated that shooting the South Korean official was a sign of a “brutal act” for the North Korean troops. A South Korean official was shot dead and burned by the North Korean soldiers after he tried to cross the border.

According to Seoul, the official suddenly vanished from a patrol boat when it was near the border. Later, his dead body was found in the North’s waters.

The troops of North Korea shot him dead and then poured oil over his dead body and lit it. The ministry analyzed the concept of “diverse intelligence” and reached this conclusion.

North Korea has developed stringent security guidelines for the borders and is thought to have a “shoot-to-kill” policy for any intruders at the borders to stop the Coronavirus infection from going in the country and jeopardize the health system.

South Korea came up with an explanation of why the official was sent near to North Korea’s border. It was reported that the official was working for the fisheries department. He was riding on his patrol boat about 10km (6 miles) from the border with the North. He suddenly disappeared out of sight on Monday near the island of Yeonpyeong.

The South Korean official was a middle-aged man of 47 years and he had two kids. He didn’t take the pair of shoes with him from the boat. It is believed he had been trying to defect.

Later, he was found by a North Korean patrol boat at North’s sea around 15:30 local time on Tuesday. He still had his life jacket on.

He was questioned by the patrol police while they wore gas masks. He was questioned from a distance and then the superior authority ordered his men to shoot him. He was shot dead in the water.

After shooting the man dead, the troops burned the body and South Korean defense ministry officials said that they might have done it to take stern measures and give protection from Coronavirus.

The reaction of South Korea was as anybody could think of, outraged, and demanding justice. South Korea said it “strongly condemned such a brutal act and strongly urged the North to provide an explanation and punish those responsible.”

According to the country’s National Security Council, North Korea could not justify shooting and burning an official who was an unarmed citizen of a different country. He did not even show any signs of resistance and turned violent in the situation.

“This military action is in violation of international regulations,” said Suh-Choo-suk, Secretary-General of the National Security Council. “We will firmly respond to any action by North Korea that threatens the life and safety of our people.”

The military hotline between North and South was dismissed in June and the inter-Korean liaison office was already destroyed by North Korea that was built to create a chain of communication that could help both countries.

It is the second time that North Korea killed a South Korean citizen.


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