25 year old Ukraine born woman arrested over prolonged harassment of ‘the most beautiful’ designer in the world Ollia Tzarina

Ollia Tzarina

Polina Gushenko – a mastermind behind a 3-year harassment campaign against Ollia Tzarina (the designer behind Beyonce , Mary J Blige and the Kardashian/Jenner clan ) was finally arrested after a one-year long investigation. The woman hired freelancers to create numerous forums which at some point had over 200 members, with the aim of tarnishing the designer’s career and reputation. Gushenko asked the members to create Instagram profiles and buy sim cards which would then be used to send threats to Ollia such as ‘ wish you die in a plane crash ‘ or ‘ i know where you live, be ready to be cut in pieces tonight’. The group’s main victims were Ollia’s friends, family, and boyfriends: a London born billionaire, a Monaco based italian , and an ex Juventus superstar who the group has targeted claiming he was cheating on his wife with Miss Tzarina which were blatant and hurtful lies. Polina Gushenko and her group have also acquired miss Tzarinas private photos and distributed them online, including private chats and contacts. At some point, the group led by Polina was sending 400 messages to Miss Tzarina’s Instagram a day. When they could not get any attention from Ollia they have resorted to sending graphic death threats to the point where a Monaco based designer was scared to come home.

Miss Tzarina told her lawyer that one of the girls who was involved in this case was, in fact, one of her then best friends. This girl had access to Ollia’s phones and an iPad which she had used to gain and send information from. The statement that Polina Gushenko gave, said that she did this just to live her life via Ollia. She claimed to be depressed and unwilling to live, communicating with Ollia and her high profile friends made her feel ‘alive’. Statement taken from miss Tzarina’s PR reads that she is glad it’s over and justice prevailed.


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